Bob’s Solo Album

June 2012 005Yes folks – my very good buddy Robert (aka ‘Bob’) Spencer is recording his very first ever solo album, provisionally titled “SAINTS AND MURDERERS”. A solo album has been a long time coming – after albums with Finch, Skyhooks, The Angels, and The Temple Gods, plus countless sessions over the years either as guitarist or producer, the time is right for Bob to record some of his own stuff. In Bob’s own words……….


Unlike my previous recordings, this album will contain songs which are not required to squeeze into a band’s format, set structure, style, agenda, or which will appease a particular target audience or demographic. In short; I want to record songs which I think are cool and interesting, which groove largely and which I hope you’ll dig, too! 🙂


Please take the time to check out Bob’s campaign for the recording of his album here at pozible……….

Here is the link to a “pre-teaser” teaser short video, the result of a collaboration with Laura Davidson……….


We are proud to tell the world that Bob’s choice of amp for the recording of this album, for recording both guitar and bass tracks actually, is the custom-designed-for-Bob KT66 amplifier by the Richards Amplifier Company – Australia. Not the big 4 x KT66 85 watt monster of his, but the very recordable 28 watt custom design. Bob was actually our very first customer who appreciated what the KT66 power output valves could offer (with the right choice of output transformer) in performance and tonality, as compared to other alternatives.

RAW BRIT 2008 001Pedals employed in the recording of this album include our very own Treble Meister, an enhanced Class-A NPN midrange/treble booster pedal, plus an old favourite – the Rich Drive (Bob was the first customer for this overdrive pedal, back in 1997), plus our all-time best seller – the Rich Blues which delivers Bob the extra mids he likes for soloing.


Thanks for checking out our blog again after a long break from writing – but we have heaps more material to publish regarding custom amp builds and interesting amp repairs, so please check us out on a regular basis.

Regards, IR.



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