Barry takes delivery of his new 2X12 Tone Cabinet in white tolex

Barry Wellard, one of our local rock’n’rollers here on the New South Wales Central Coast, today took delivery of his 2nd 2×12 Tone Cabinet. This cab features vintage white tolex covering, nicely contrasted with a black & gold speaker grille, top strap-handle at Barry’s request (we also offer heavy-duty metal side-handles from Penn), and is presented in the TV Front style. Various other options are available.

The cab is loaded with a pair of the wonderfully musical Celestion G12 “Blue” Alnico speakers, resulting in a cab power rating of 30 watts total, and a cab impedance of 8 ohms (parallel-wired 16 ohm speakers). The rear panel heavy-duty metal jack plate features a pair of parallel-wired jacks to facilitate connecting an additional cab. These speakers will enhance the tone of just about any amp !

The dimensions of this cab were optimised to suit the chrome-plated speaker stands made for members of The Shadows club in Sydney. These stands replicate the look of the stands used by groups such as The Shadows & The Beatles with their Vox amplifiers back in the 60’s.

Barry currently owns two Richards amplifiers: a 30 watt Expressionist (4 x EL84) head with EF86 and 12AX7 channels, plus the custom addition of reverb, as well as a custom-design variation on the Blue Mood series amps loaded with a quartet of 6L6GC output valves for a very conservative 60 watts output. This latter amp was specifically design for Barry’s rhythm guitar playing style to facilitate huge chord sounds with lots of clean headroom.

Every purchase of a Tone Cabinet from the Richards Amplifier Company Australia includes a complementary speaker lead. Heavy-duty lined covers are available as an optional upgrade. Cabinets are available in 1×10, 2×10, 1×12, 2×12 and 1×15 semi-open-back format, constructed either from furniture-grade ply with a choice of tolex coverings or exotic Australian natural timbers as an optional upgrade.

Barry is a founding member of The Rebel Rousers, a 50’s/60’s rock’n’roll band, and has recently acquired celebrity status by appearing in the pages of The Australian Women’s Weekly Magazine, see page 257 of the September 2011 issue. Barry has become famous not for his guitar playing, but for his dahlias, a variety of flower as supplied to Saskia Havekes, a prominent Sydney florist.

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