A bass player’s testimonial to the Rich Drive pedal

Hello readers ! This testimonial was supplied by Peter Stojkovic, a bass player from Sydney, Australia, who also has an interest in audio engineering.

HI Ivan, my band mates purchased me one of your Rich Drive pedals for a birthday gift a few years ago. I have used the pedal constantly and love everything about it. I run a Warwick Thumb Bass (4-string) through it, and it sounds like pure evil ! (We’ll take that as a compliment – IR).

I should mention that I have A/B’d the Rich Drive against a few others and there’s no comparison – for example it was put up against a Big Muff, a Rat, a Sansamp, a Boss DS1 and a crappy digital thingey I don’t recall the name of, and the Rich Drive achieves a very distinct flavour. I find that while a lot of distortion pedals destroy the detail of my bass, the Rich Drive gives it another dimension altogether.

Another trick is to turn the drive control to zero, but keep the pedal on – it begins to sound like a preamp that gives an extra warmth that’s more than just a minor tonal change (I would liken the tone to that of an old SSL channel strip). I must thank you for creating such a great pedal.

Many thanks to Peter for contributing to our blog. The Rich Drive pedal was originally created for guitarists (like me) who were fed up with overdrivers that destroyed their tone and dynamics, but has been adopted by many Aussie bass players for similar reasons. Since 1997, the Rich Drive has been purchased by the creme de la creme of Aussie music talent, including Bob Spencer, Dave Leslie, Mark Lizotte, Thirsty Merc and many more, plus sales to individual guitarists in the USofA and Japan.

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