Victor’s custom amplifier build progress

This is a brand new initiative we are implementing with this blog, to give our amp customers a visual indication re the progress of their custom amp builds. In this example, Victor has ordered a custom-design version of our popular Blue Mood amp series, a stripped-down, single-channel 12 watt 6V6-powered amp, built on our shorter chassis.

Victor is already the proud owner of our Studio Expressionist 15 watt switchable EL84/6V6 amp, please see the blog archive for photos & testimonials re this exceptional amplifier. Victor has now developed an appetite for vintage tones from California, but with the power output scaled down to a more manageable 12 watts at full power, with the option of reduced output in “vintage” mode, which reconfigures the 6V6 output stage to cathode-bias.

The Blue Mood series amps are designed for blues, country, old-school rock’n’roll, roots & jazz stylists with a stripped down single-channel circuit for pure valve tone & no unnecessary frills. Front panel controls include volume, treble, middle, bass (with pull-shift), prescence & master volume (with bypass for pure vintage dynamics), plus power & standby metal toggle switches & neon indicator.

In response to customer demand, from May 2012 the Blue Mood series amps are available with an active FX Loop as an optional extra – fully featured with valve (tube) driven send & return buffer stages, plus separate send & return level controls. A miniature toggle switch on the front control panel provides true hard-wired bypass. This model option is built on our longer chassis.

All amplifiers are individually & meticulously hand-wired by Ivan Richards, veteran OZ amp-tech & musician with over 30 years hands-on experience. All amplifiers incorporate premium selected components – all components are selected specifically to enhance the musicality, serviceability & the on-the-road reliability of the amplifier. All controls, switches, input & output jacks, valve sockets are individually chassis-mounted and hand-wired in the traditional tried & tested way.

Thank you Victor, for your continued custom. Regards – IR.

One Response to “Victor’s custom amplifier build progress”

  1. RoBed Says:

    Prescence is very mysterious control!

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