A Nice Stack !

Hello again, readers ! Two very good customers and also very good friends of ours, Mr Bob Spencer and Mr Simon Bray, sent us this photo quite recently. They have stacked up their personal collections of the Richards amp for a photo opportunity. No doubt they got together to do some speaker comparisons, or some such activity. The photo shows three generations of the Richards amp.

The top amp is Bob’s ‘Lil Buddy’ 6V6-powered amp, old-logo and from an earlier millenium, also discussed in great detail in an earlier blog. The next amp down used to be Bob’s but he sold it to Simon. This amp is a 28-watt KT66-powered beauty, old-logo but from this millenium, with baxandall EQ and gain stages designed to achieve the level of robustness demanded by Bob ! The output transformer in this one was wound for us by N.Z. audio guru, Simcha Delft, based on the original RadioSpares (UK) transformers of the mid-1960’s. We think Simcha may have quit the transformer winding business, which is a real pity. If you have any more information re this topic, please contact us.

The next amp down, in stunning vintage Brit green repro tolex, is Simon’s 7.5 watt “Studio Expressionist” amp head, new-logo, 3rd-generation, 2007 build. Don’t be fooled by the 7.5 watt rating – this amp is not a toy or a ‘practice’ amp, but a serious piece of rock’n’roll kit which earns its keep being regularly hired out for recording sessions, as part of Simon’s hire business. The Expressionist” amps have been described in great detail in previous blogs.

And last, but most definitely not least, is Bob’s 4 x KT66-powered 85 watt monster, old-logo and from the very beginning of this millenium. The same design criteria was applied to this amp as the 28 watt KT66 amp mentioned above. The transformers were wound for us by Sydney audio guru, Martin Kell. This is the amp Bob uses with his band “Raw Brit”, based in Melbourne. Check them out on the web, there are now heaps of videos uploaded.

Thanks guys !

One Response to “A Nice Stack !”

  1. Peter Says:


    Did a bit of googling regarding Simcha Delft and this is what I found out:

    “She works out of the shop I work at, Music Planet in Victoria St Wellington (next to Warehouse Stationery, across the road from the back end of Farmers Cuba St). Your best bets are Tuesdays and Saturdays, but she mixes it up a little. She’s there today (Wednesday) I believe. Music Planet number 04 382 9030. Simcha pronounced [SIM – ka].”
    (from: http://www.nzguitars.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=19518#p438054)

    http://www.musicplanet.co.nz/find-a-store – scroll down to Wellington branch for contact info

    Hope this helps!

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