Chet Romero takes delivery of his new 1X12 tone cabinet in red tolex with checkerboard grille

Chet Romero is pictured here proudly displaying his brand new 1×12 tone cabinet in stunning red tolex & checkerboard grille, built by the Richards Amplifier Company – Australia. This tone cabinet is loaded with the Weber Blue Dog 30W alnico instrument speaker, specifically intended to be matched with Chet’s most recent amp acquisition – the Orange Tiny Terror 15W head. As you may have read in previous blogs, we have been servicing Orange amps for many years now, for the musicians of Central Coast NSW, and also for Bondi Intermusic of Sydney.

You can see that our standard Richards Amplifier Company logo is missing from this cab, instead Chet has supplied us with his own personal logo which is basically a truckers symbol of a very shapely and unclad female reclining on the bonnet of a truck. We are happy to indulge our customers requirements and personalise our cabs in this way, so bring it on ! Easy to see that Chet is a staunch St George supporter, by the way.




Having played with Men at Work, the Foreday Riders, and many more, plus composed music for film, television and live theatre productions, Australia’s wildest blues guitarist is about to launch his latest band Chomp Incorporated in November 2011, so watch out for more news about that ! Chet played that delicious little slide guitar solo on Men at Work‘s last single, Everything I Need (from the Two Hearts album).

This Weber-loaded tone cabinet sounded phenomenal either with the Tiny Terror or our own Richards Expressionist Series amps. In next week’s blog we get together with some members of the Sydney Shadows Club and compare the Weber against the Celestion 15W alnico Blue speaker. They both sounded great, but there were unexpected differences ! Thanks to Chet Romero for his news and his continued interest in our products and services. Regards – Ivan.

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