13 Responses to “Discussion”

  1. DPM's Sketchbook Says:

    So who does your printing Ivan?

  2. Troy Says:

    Just gave the Wasp a blast, sounds huge!!! Even the distortion with the push/pull pots i knew nothing about sounds pretty good when blended with the other channel.
    Thanks again.

  3. Kit Lloyd Says:

    Very impressive … I’ve been away from Australia for 10 years and it’s great to see skills like yours exist

  4. mitchell Says:

    I’m the idiot who got mixed up with AA763 and AB763 circuitry (circa ’63 and ’66 respectfully)…….my apologies IR.
    But i am very glad to find a electronics tech who talks about what they’ve done and doing because people like me who relish the sound of old amps i.e. fender’s ‘chinnng’, guitars and pedals, dont have the nouse to understand it and hence can never find out enough about their amps; you can read all you like but if you dont understand it properly you always end up with that empty feeling.
    Thanks, ’66 Bandmaster.

  5. chanel Says:

    Hi ivan,

    Just wondering what kind of rig you would recommend for a stevie ray vaughn tone?

    • ivanrichards Says:

      hello there _ Stevie Ray is known for playing & recording with multiple amps at any given time; his favoured Fender amps were the 60’s Vibroverb 1×15 combo, and the Super Reverb 4×10 combo; he also favoured the Marshall ‘Town & Country’ club combo from the late 1970’s, which is voiced quite differently to the standard Marshall amps of that time; it would be difficult to say what combination of amps was employed on any given track; we do build amps voiced as per vintage Vibroverbs & Super Reverbs, as part of our ‘Blue Mood’ series amplifiers, most often as separate heads & cabs; hope this helps; IR.

  6. danny Says:

    hi ivan,

    in your opinion and experience, which commercially available amp brands has a perfect marriage of build quality and affordability?

    also, i’m looking at small wattage heads for home recording from pop to modern metal. a few i’ve shortlisted are the laney lionheart l5-studio, h&k tubemeister series and a vht special 6 ultra. what’s your take on them and any recommendations?


    • ivanrichards Says:

      sorry Danny – I can’t pass comment on amps in general other than what has been written in the blogs with ref to
      specific amp repairs & projects; thanks for checking out the blog; IR.

  7. mitchell Says:

    Does anyone know what transformers Laney UK used when they replaced the transformer in their VC30 (and some other models) class A amps?
    Laney were notified of fuses blowing with Australian bought amps due to variation in voltage supply ‘at the wall’ in Australia.
    I think the original trannys were Noratel.
    thanks mitchell

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