A well kept secret: the Yamaha G100 212 II » Yamaha P1020882

parametric EQ on a guitar amp

One Response to “Yamaha P1020882”

  1. Michel Says:

    Anyone know about the ‘F’ series – Yamaha F100 212 II, for example? I think it might be just the Japanese release. Just swapping the ‘G’ for an ‘F’…
    There’s one that’s been sitting for the past 6 years in the window of this little music store near where I live (in Korea). I don’t have an amp, and I might be gigging a bit more in the future… thanks to this page, and that video from Rivera, it’s looking like a contender. I’m torn between getting something with good cleans and pedal friendly, like a JC-40, and something giggable with tubes (Blues Jr. or Hot Rod), and this might be something that ticks those boxes?

    It’s 500,000 KRW ($418 USD, $586 AUD), which is a bit steeper than all those stories I’ve read of people snagging them for much less. Is it still worth it? Maybe I can haggle… I’m gonna bring my guitar and pedals one day and make sure it’s all in working order. Saw its speakers, original Yamaha ones….

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