Restoration of an original Peavey 5150 EVH model amplifier » p1020811

the 5150 head after the big clean up

2 Responses to “p1020811”

  1. Southbound Suarez Says:

    Been seeing these amps suddenly coming out of the woodwork. Peavey obviously mass produced tons of these, both as 5150 and 6505 models. Collectors and opportunists have begun to hoard these as interest along with desirability and prices suddenly has risen with the passing of Eddie himself.
    The sad fact is that these were not exactly boutique high end quality amps. Let’s face it, they are a consumer production amplifier and will require regular maintenence. Fortunately these are fairly straight forward and easily accessible amps to service. Hopefully we can manage to keep these amps going for fifty plus more years like we manage to do with some of those old Fenders and Marshalls. After hundreds of thousands of units produced perhaps that far into the future maybe only few will survive and they indeed become a rare collectible, that the kids are making them out to be now?

  2. ivanrichards Says:

    thank you for your comments, Mr Southbound Suarez; IR.

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