the WGS G12C/S specialist guitar speaker

WGS G12C/S installed in a 'Hot Rod Deluxe'

WGS G12C/S installed in a ‘Hot Rod Deluxe’

For this week’s blog we discuss an upgrade guitar speaker from the WGS [ie Warehouse Guitar Speaker] range – the G12C/S. This model is from the WGS ‘American Vintage’ range, and features a ceramic magnet, a smooth cone [hence the ‘S’ suffix], and a 75 watt power rating. We have been supplying Celestion and Weber guitar speakers for years now for our own Richards amplifiers, plus existing amp upgrades. But more recently we have additional upgrade speaker choices available from WGS.

WGS G12C/S loaded into a 'Hot Rod Deluxe'

WGS G12C/S loaded into a ‘Hot Rod Deluxe’

The G12C and G12C/S are obviously voiced for Fender style amps, and have that big American ‘clean’ sound, but with warmth and character. The smooth cone version is great for the brighter amps, and the seamed cone version is ideal for darker amps. This week we upgraded the stock Eminence speaker in a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe for new customer, Josh. The stock speaker is rather bland, as is often the case, and is rated for 50 watts only, which doesn’t allow a comfortable overload margin with a 40 watt valve amp.

Josh gives his upgraded amp the 'thumbs up'

Josh gives his upgraded amp the ‘thumbs up’

To say that Josh was pleased with the end result would be an understatement ! Josh plays a Gibson ES339 and is a jazz stylist and also plays a wide variety of styles in a church band. The improvement in tone, headroom and clarity from the upgraded amp was immediately apparent. That’s a Strymon Blue Sky reverb pedal sitting on top of the amp, and the leads are Dimarzio, also highly recommended.

Our all time personal favourite from the WGS range is the ET-65, which is their reinterpretation of the classic Celestion G12-65. It works amazingly well with both ‘British’ and ‘American’ voiced amps – very versatile. We have also recently tried the ‘Invader 50’, which is based on the famous Celestion ‘Greenback’ speakers, but beefed up to 50 watts, with more bottom end as well. WGS now have a distributor in Australia – our buddy Brad from The Speaker Factory in Brisbane. So now we can upgrade your amp with Celestion or WGS speakers ex-stock in Australia. Happy Easter 2014 ! IR.

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  1. Steve Griffin Says:

    Nice to hear some comments about the “other” WGS Speakers – from the American-voiced list. Great comments and you’ve “whet the appetite” for more! Thanks!

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