Our 1×10 Tone Cabinet

Our 1x10 Tone Cabinet

Our 1×10 Tone Cabinet

Welcome back to the blog after a long break. We have actually been very busy designing, building, modding & repairing valve (tube) amplifiers & other rock’n’roll gadgetry, and we thank our loyal customers very much for their continued support. In this blog we showcase the latest offering in our custom range of tone cabinets, the single 10-inch speaker, semi-open-back cab. This model is obviously intended for home recording enthusiasts, and/or the guitarist who primarily plays at home.

the 1x10

the 1×10

However, depending on the choice of speaker unit, this cab will perform more than adequately at those lounge gigs. For example, the Celestion “G10 Vintage” 60W model, ie this is basically the 10-inch version of the well known G12 “Vintage 30”, produces a surprising amount of lows & low-mids loaded into this cab, and is a good choice for creating “British” type tones on a budget.

Our 1x10 Tone Cabinet

Our 1×10 Tone Cabinet

Why choose a 10-inch speaker rather than for example a 12-inch model for your home recording project ?? Consulting with guitarists who have been on the recording scene for decades reveals some interesting facts. The 10-inch speaker in fact has a more focused sound dispersion characteristic. The same comment obviously applies to 8-inch speakers.

the 1x10

the 1×10

This is all very subjective, but there is a strong body of opinion that the recorded guitar sits in the “mix” or the “track” better with the 1×10 or 1×8. But obviously to anyone standing in the room, a 1×10 cab doesn’t sound as big or impressive as a 1×12 cab, but it’s all a question of what the mic “hears” !!

the Weber loaded 1x10

the Weber loaded 1×10

Our good customer ‘Bill’, ordered this particular 1×10 cab loaded with a Weber 30W alnico magnet model, to match up with his 18W 6V6 model Blue Mood series amp, by the Richards Amplifier Company – Australia. Bill is looking to recreate the great late 50’s/early 60’s sounds from the West Coast USA, so this amp & cab are a great match.

Nothing ultimately affects electric guitar tone more than the speaker does. A speaker swap can completely transform the volume, tone & responsiveness of an amp. This is especially true in the case of a valve (tube) amp, where valves (tubes) & speakers share a unique symbiotic relationship.

Never has there been a wider choice of 10-inch speakers available, several “British” voiced models from Celestion, two great “American” voiced tens from WGS, and a bewildering number of options from Weber & Eminence. The biggest problem is – when used for their intended application, each & every one of them sounds great !

Which one to choose ??    IR.

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  1. Jonny gardiner Says:

    That’s a sexy cab Ivan. Very nice work as usual.

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