Head Gap Studio add the Rich Switch (Active) A/B/Y pedal to their equipment inventory.

Head Gap is a purpose-built recording studio located in Preston (Melbourne), Victoria. Head Gap was designed by renowned Australian acoustician, the late Richard Priddle. The principal producers/engineers are owners Neil Thomason and Brent Punshon.

We were recently contacted by Neil Thomason regarding one of our problem solving product offerings, the Rich Switch (Active) A/B/Y pedal.

Far from being just another passive A/B box, the Rich Switch pedal utilises low-noise active (buffer) circuitry and a Harbuch broadcast/studio quality line transformer. The size of this transformer can be judged from the photos – it is definitely not a cheapo component sourced from the far east, but manufactured over a period of many years here in Sydney, Australia, by the fine Harbuch transformer company.

The pedal offers a pair of low impedance outputs to drive long guitar cables without degrading your tone. A pair of 3PDT metal footswitches changes the mode of operation between ‘A or B’ and ‘A + B’. Status is indicated by a blue LED for channel A, a green LED for channel B, and a red LED for A + B. The non-signal-inverting design ensures against phase problems. The Tuner jack provides a direct output enabling permanent connection of a tuner, regardless of whether ouput A or B is selected.

The transformer isolated channel A makes it possible to perform and/or record through two amplifiers simultaneously, without having to lift the earth on either amp. This potentially lethal ‘earth-lifting’ was the usual solution (back in the bad old days !) for eliminating the hum introduced by earth (ground) loops that occur when connecting two amplifiers in parallel (definitely not recommended, in fact it’s illegal !). With the isolation provided by output A, all earth (ground) loop problems are eliminated. Obviously, the transformer-coupled output A can also be used as a DI for recording.

**From June 2011, this pedal is shipped optimised for operation from a +18V DC regulated power supply, which can be supplied by us at our cost price. This provides greater headroom for professional situations. All pedals are still shipped loaded with a fresh 9V battery, for immediate use. All pedals are play-tested/functionality-tested by the builder before shipping.

Here is some feedback we received from Neil Thomason after delivery of the Rich Switch to Head Gap recording studio……..

Hi Ivan – package received at this end, great packaging and presentation, appreciate the supplied documentation. The unit is bigger and heavier than your website picture implies, it really feels great, and seems built to last. Look forward to giving it a run over the weekend. Thanks so much for putting it together for me in the time frame I requested, your service and communication has been excellent and it’s really appreciated. All the best, Neil.

and…….. Thanks again for the Rich Switch, it went straight into sessions over the weekend, and also this week, and has delivered on all accounts. Cheers, Neil.



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